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Home Statistical Analysis for Six Sigma - Minitab

Statistical Analysis for Six Sigma using Minitab



This course aims to train the people who collect and analyze data in any organization to improve products and processes. The training covers analytical tools with a follow on with Minitab session. Minitab is a statistical analysis software used for the Six Sigma applications.


  • Recap of Six Sigma methodology
  • Introduction to statistical Software Minitab
  • What it can do & what it cannot do?
  • How to start Minitab
  • Building blocks-Worksheet details
  • Tool bar details form
  • Data set generation
  • Measure phase tools:
    • Measurement System Analysis:
      • Gage R&R
      • Attribute Agreement Analysis
    • Test for Stability
    • Test for Normality
    • Normal approximation method
  • Analyze phase tools:
    • Basic QC tools:
      • Pareto
      • Scatter plot
      • Histogram
      • Cause & Effect Diagram
      • Control Chart
    • Graphical analysis
    • Testing of Hypothesis:
      • T-test
      • Paired T-test
      • ANOVA
    • Basic power analysis
    • Regression & Correlation
  • Control phase:
    • Statistical Control charts
    • Chart Selection
    • How to use control charts?
    • Xbar-R/ Xbar-S charts
    • I-MR chart
    • Discrete charts(p, np, c, u charts)
    • Case studies on Minitab


  • In a professional organization a lot of data is collected in order to understand the current status of business processes. The data such as maintenance downtime, customer complaints VOC etc is taken by quality, maintenance, finance and marketing department to find out how efficient their current processes are and what are the improvement areas in their current business processes.
  • Most of the data collected in any organization are not analyzed to take an effective management decisions
  • Utilizing this data for meaningful and fact based decision making requires a basic knowledge on statistical methods on a suitable software for analysis. In order to institutionalize data based system in the industry this 2 day course has been designed to cover the data analysis method with a hands-on exercise with Minitab 15.0 version.
  • The format of the statistical tools are aligned with DMAIC methodology and hence this course will be a refresher for the participants and also it will sharpen their Minitab skills

No. of days:  2 days
IACET CEUs:  1.6


  • Entire RDMAIC is recapped and entire DMAIC is covered in this 2 day program
  • The participants will taken through Hands on exercises with sample data
  • The participants will be able to interpret the results which are not covered in GB an BB program
  • Minitab tab guide, exclusively developed for this program, will be given for reference to the participants.
  • The program would assist them in creating a graphical analysis
  • This course will strengthen the skills of Six Sigma practitioners in Minitab
  • Not a software training program
  • In house programs could be conducted in case of 15 participants from a particular organization


  • All Six Sigma green belt and black belt certified practitioners.
  • People who would like to use data for fact-based decision making like R&D people Scientists, business analyst etc.
  • This course is for people who are interested in learning statistical analysis with the help of Minitab.
  • All those people who needs to refresh their skills and abilities that they achieved through Six Sigma.
  • All people who collect data and report MIS to their management
  • QA professional
  • Finance executives
  • Business excellence change agents
  • Green and Blackbelts


  • Statistical Tools, Concept and Application
  • Hands-on exercise in Minitab
  • Inference of Statistical Analysis.

Participants to carry their own laptops with demo version of Minitab 16 preloaded (Download Minitab16)


The Following are the criteria for evaluation of the Participants:

  • Faculty assessment of the participants
  • Exam scores – minimum 70% to qualify.
  • Attendance to the training program

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