How to Connect with a Prospect / Customer

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How to Connect with a Prospect / Customer Though we have an excellent product or service in our hand to be sold, it is not enough unless we have a sales approach. The Business Development Person should create a connection with the customer by bringing their own personal touch to the whole Sales Process which makes the Sales most effective.   Here are some of the ways to connect with a prospect or a customer in a Sales Process which I have jotted down with my decade long Experience in Business Development.   Communication through Telephone The words you’re using, are they harsh? Is your tone of voice flat, rushed, or not connecting? Particularly on the telephone, your tone  of voice makes about 80% of the impression on the customer. You want to come across lively, sincere and competent. Listen to the conversation completely and don’t cut off the conversation at any time to sell your services or Training Programs.   Response time Respond to the prospect...

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Lean strategies for the new millennium

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Historically, the American auto industry was blessed with demand, which meant overflowing order books and in turn excessive inventory. They could afford holding huge non-moving inventory without breaking a sweat. The Japanese car manufacturers, on the other hand never enjoyed this luxury. They were much smaller startups with limited cash reserves. This was a vital differentiator that drove Toyota to look for innovative means to compete by boosting efficiencies in all its activities. Taiichi Ohno, the father of Lean manufacturing at Toyota, was handed the complex task of looking for ways to make Toyota more competitive, which led to the birth of the Toyota Production System, or Lean Manufacturing as we know it today!   In today’s context, globalization has played its part in creating intense competition. Industries no longer enjoy protectionist barriers that were once the order of the day. While this brings with it huge opportunities, it also brings a whole new set of threats....

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An Honour to be a Salesman

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  9 years ago, when I was exploring my various career options, one of the most common recommendation from my not-so-sure-about-their-own-careers-friends was that I should consider being in sales.  Just like many of us, I laughed it off.  I thought that selling things to strangers was a rather strange career.  As a matter of fact, I used to think what kind of friends will push their friend in to a nightmarish sales career. Are they frenemies or what?   Challenges of a sales person:   Getting into any sales job is easier, what is difficult is to – yes your right – to sell. Just like how a military always looks for daredevils who will go all out for victory, sales industry hungrily laps up such daredevils and fearless salesmen, who will go all out and give their best to close a sale.  So what makes ‘selling’ such a challenging affair? One of the major reasons is the unpredictable human nature. A customer who on day 1 shows you so much interest in buying...

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SSA packs a power punch with its maiden workshop on Pharma QbD

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SSA Business Solutions recently concluded a 4-day intensive workshop on Pharma Quality by Design (QbD) and added a brand new feather to its already colourful hat. What makes this accomplishment special is the overwhelming response SSA garnered from its participants and their heartfelt appreciation of SSA’s understanding of this complex subject and its execution capabilities. And what makes this achievement perhaps even sweeter is the fact that SSA is the only company in India to offer such an intensive hands-on workshop on QbD.   Come January 2013 and QbD is all set to become a mandate for all the pharmaceuticals. There is strong pressure to develop innovative medicines for unmet medical needs at affordable prices to patients and payers. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated by international regulatory agencies that have set very high quality and efficacy conformance standards of medicinal products. There is no doubt that QbD will increase the quality of medicinal...

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In today’s competitive environment, different firms pursue a variety of strategies to stay successful in the competition. To be successful once is easy but to stay perpetually successful is difficult. Corporate history is replete with examples of organizations that were successful at one point of time, but could not continue to survive in the marketplace. One of the main reasons for corporate mortality is their excessive focus on the present & ignoring or paying little attention to the future & its challenges. In the intensely competitive global environment today, an organization should have strategies that provide the framework for long term success. It is the goal of strategic management to create an enduring organization.   Evolution of the concept of Strategy The word Strategy comes from the Greek word “Strategia”, which means a General or Military Commander. War & Strategy are inseparable. Whenever there has been war, there has been a strategy to wage it....

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SSA packs a punch at Tata Communications with its Lean Six Sigma Training

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Tata Communications was keen in improving their operational excellence using Lean Six Sigma as a tool. And using this tool, they wanted to pursue strategic projects that would matter most to the company. With that aim in mind, they had a set target of training around 40 Blackbelts and 100 Greenbelts in a phased manner within a year’s time and making them competent enough to take charge of critical projects. They partnered with SSA Business Solutions to realize this goal.   In a recently concluded Blackbelt training at Tata Communications, 7 participants successfully completed ‘Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification’, after meeting all the qualifying criteria i.e., training participation, written exam scores and successful Black Belt project completion.   The team worked diligently and their submitted projects went through rigorous evaluation and careful scrutiny by SSA Business Solutions. Only on satisfactory fulfillment of all the black belt project criteria were...

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Booming in Tough Times

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  It is quite clear by now that the Indian economy is headed southward. My premonition of an imminent slowdown (See Trouble in Paradise: India Inc., 23rd March 2012) indeed came true. India registered a mere 5.3% GDP growth for the quarter ending March 2012, the slowest in 9 years. So what lies ahead for the economy? Is all love lost for domestic industries? What is going to help us get back on our feet and revert to high growth levels?   For too long now, our policy makers have found safety in denial and have been blaming everything from the Euro crisis to Oil prices for the slowdown, but it is undeniable that the government needs to wake up to some of its own wrongdoings that have led us to the situation we are finding ourselves in today. True, global consumption is wobbly; Europe, one of our biggest trade partners is in crisis with no clear visibility of a clear resolution. Investor sentiments are weighing heavily on global currency flow; investors have found safe...

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