Mr. NC Narayanan, fondly called as NC, is one of the most dynamic human beings, you may come across. At the age of 60, his passion to learn, to know about new things is so childlike and infectious that it can put young adults to shame. He is a man with many hats, and is guided by his unbridled passion for making a difference to people’s life. In any little way possible. At his age, and at this juncture in life where he has already achieved a lot, he could have easily chosen to retire or rest back on his past laurels. But he chooses to struggle, to learn and adapt to new things, to improve himself with every passing day. The attitude of a person decides the altitude of his success.  And NC proves this.  There is no place for complacency in his life. He is not just tech savvy, but also abreast with all the latest technological advancements. Even at this age, he smoothly transitioned from Windows to Mac, almost in no time. And for someone his age, that is no mean task. This was only possible because he let his hunger-to-learn fuel his passion. Passion for Impossible.


NC founded SSA in 1999 and has been a pioneer of quality consciousness in India ever since. He brings with him over 30 years of industrial experience, having held key senior management positions at companies like Crompton Greaves where he served as General Manager – Technology and Lucas TVS Ltd., where he was the Chief Designer, in-charge of new product development. NC is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has authored two books on the subject, “Lean Six Sigma in a nutshell” and “Enigma of Lean”. He has also authored several articles in renowned publications.


Very recently, NC partnered with the ‘Rotary Club of Thane Uptown’ in their endeavor to develop future leaders of India. Drawing excerpts from his own life, he presented on, ‘How good self esteem and self-confidence can help an individual to overcome his weaknesses and turn them into his strengths?’  His candour and animated presentation had the students glued to their seats. The young adults walked away a little more confident on the conclusion of the seminar.


The fact that he comes from a vernacular background has never affected his Self-Esteem or his Confidence. With all humility, he turned his shortcomings into his strengths. He strongly believes that education is nothing but a progressive discovery of one’s own ignorance. The same person, for whom English was a foreign language, is a motivational speaker today, guiding young, impressionable minds to turn adversities into possibilities.


It doesn’t stop just there. How to challenge oneself at every stage and how to come out of the cocoon of one’s own comfort zone is something we need to learn from him. With an eager pen in hand and a willing mind to share, NC leaves no opportunity unturned to express his thoughts and ideas. Always the one to ‘keep up with the times’ and to adapt to the contemporary ways, NC was definitely not to be left behind, when everyone was joining the “Blogwagon”.


With over an industry experience of 30 years, keen attitude, passion for a lot of subjects and a penchant for writing, ‘bloggingwas just a natural extension for him. And his blogs have a flavor that appeal to all, age no bar. Lucidity in thoughts and with a sense of humour in his style, it didn’t take long before blog-enthusiasts, readers across the globe became his diligent followers and waited in bated anticipation for each of his new blogs. He writes on topics that are sure to hit a chord with majority of the readers, and his ideas and suggestions are very easy to follow. His only purpose behind blogging is to reach out to a wider audience like ‘YOU’, and if his thoughts could influence you in any positive way, he would feel happy to have done his bit.


We hope that you enjoy listening to his speech on ‘Self-Esteem’ available in CDs as much as you enjoy reading his blogs on