How to Connect with a Prospect / Customer

How to Connect with a Prospect / Customer

Though we have an excellent product or service in our hand to be sold, it is not enough unless we have a sales approach. The Business Development Person should create a connection with the customer by bringing their own personal touch to the whole Sales Process which makes the Sales most effective.


Here are some of the ways to connect with a prospect or a customer in a Sales Process which I have jotted down with my decade long Experience in Business Development.


  • Communication through Telephone

The words you’re using, are they harsh? Is your tone of voice flat, rushed, or not connecting? Particularly on the telephone, your tone  of voice makes about 80% of the impression on the customer. You want to come across lively, sincere and competent. Listen to the conversation completely and don’t cut off the conversation at any time to sell your services or Training Programs.


  • Response time

Respond to the prospect faster by sending him whatever info required say Corporate Profile, case studies etc. If you do not have the info ready, commit a reasonable time frame and stick to that commitment to send these responses. The Professionalism or Brand  is perceived by the prospect in the timely and accurate responses a Sales Person would convey .


  • Listening is the Key

Sales Persons sometimes are too anxious to sell their services that they do too much talking. The only way you can connect with customer is listening to their needs first. Once you do that, not only will you have a better connection, you’ll be able to offer them a suitable solution.


  • Asking the right questions is critical to Sales Process. Before you start actually selling your services, understand the prospect by asking right questions.


  • Once the meeting or presentation is over, For instance, if you know a customer has a son or daughter going to college, ask for an update. Remembering little details about your customers will make them feel important. This means that we are valuing them as person or human being and not merely for closing an order.


Also after the presentation, talk to them about their past Organizations and try to connect with them if you have already sold the services to those Organizations.


Hope these tips would be of use to a Sales person to connect with a customer better.

Happy Selling!






About the author

Naveen is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA. He has over seven years experience in the world of Strategy and Change Management and is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Improvement Associate from American Society for Quality. Over the years, he has led several corporate wide transformation programs, mentored change agents, and produced sustainable customer and business results for clients throughout Asia-Pacific. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of statistics and problem solving techniques. He is a certified assessor for Business Excellence conforming to EFQM model and a Certified Internal Auditor for TS 16949:2002 standard. View LinkedIn Profile

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