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                              In this blog, am presenting the problem solving approach using DMAIC and my own perspective. I am not going to explain or deal with the DMAIC process steps which everyone already knows, but I am sharing and highlighting my perspective of the same and the common pitfalls where people don’t focus enough on the critical steps in the journey of DMAIC implementation.   DEFINE                         DMAIC is a problem solving methodology. When we say “problem”, whose problem we means?   The success of the DMAIC journey is possible only when we incorporate the pain points from the “Customer”. It is the customer problem because of our process design. It may appear very simple to state that we need to include the customer’s voice here but it has to become a part of culture / attitude of the people who are...

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In the 1970s, the United States and the Soviet Union fiercely competed in the area of moon exploration. Unable to afford the costs of an APOLLO like project for landing astronauts on the moon, the Soviet Union decided to launch an unmanned lunar probe to deliver an autonomous vehicle to the dark side of the moon’s surface. The vehicle was to transmit TV pictures of that not-yet seen side to earth. The incandescent light bulb was found to be the best light source; however existing light bulbs would not have survived the impact of landing on the lunar surface. Even the most durable bulbs, those used in military tanks, cracked at the joint between the glass and the socket during test. There was not a single way out. It was a dead end.   This dead end situation is not new. Such a dead end situation is always been seen in all the industries where the project teams have carried out huge research but they could not go beyond certain limits of thinking the solutions. In these...

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Mr.Antony Bennon,VP – Lifescience & Health-care sector, DHL (Asia-Pacific) speaks about Lean Six Sigma in logistics

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                             Mr.Antony Bennon,VP – Lifescience & Health-care sector, DHL (Asia-Pacific) speaks about Lean Six Sigma in the logistics industry.   “In 2006, First Choice was globally rolled out. What is ‘First choice’ in the first place? First choice is how we want to understand what the customer needs are in the first place. Then comes the objective, how we align the organization, and how we engage the employees in ensuring that what we promised to the customer is really being delivered. Every time, all the time, first time.   DP DHL, during the period of this roll out, had a huge project plan rolled out and they engaged external partners. And one of our global external partners was Rath and Stong. Rath and Strong’s India partner is SSA; and that’s how the engagement with SSA came about. We had a fantastic journey in the period of time we rolled out First Choice in the...

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Mr. PMC Nair – Executive Director, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers, talks about Six Sigma in fertilizers Industry.

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                      Mr. PMC Nair – Executive Director and Mr. PG Deshpande – Chief GM – Operations, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd, talk about their partnership with SSA.   “RCF is engaged for the past four and half decades in the production and marketing of various fertilizers and various Industrial Chemicals Our company has been in the forefront of Green revolution and serving the farmers of the state and the country for last several decades.   Hence, we were very keen on being on top of our performance and setting up a culture for continuous improvement across the company.   Our topmost goal has been to increase the national agricultural productivity by providing agricultural inputs and services; with least consumption and at least cost. In our journey towards achieving excellence, improving operational effectiveness and service level we partnered with SSA Business Solutions....

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Shrikant Sheth, VP-Operations, ACG Worldwide, Talks about Six Sigma in Pharmaceutical Industry

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                        Like any other Pharmaceutical company, ACG (Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd) operates around the most stringent quality standards right from demanding customers for high degree of compliance to good manufacturing practices. ACG is a world-class company and also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure. Although the process of capsule manufacturing is a fairly matured technology, ACG still wanted to achieve zero defects in all their supplies to demonstrate a world-class performance; since Quality is the primary driver in the industry.   Mr. Shrikant Sheth looks after 3 capsule manufacturing plants in India. In India and in 85 countries globally, ACG is the supplier of   Hard empty gelatin capsules Hard natural capsules   In order to serve their customers zero-defect products and in order to meet their changing requirements in terms of machine-ability, attribute and...

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Six Sigma at an Oil and Gas Company

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It is a well established fact that State-run Oil & Gas companies in India are facing heavy losses due to growing input costs and high operational inefficiencies. In FY 2010-11 alone, the industry faced a cumulated loss of over INR 78,000 crores. In early 2006, Pinnacle Refinery (name changed), a leading Public Sector OMC (Oil Marketing Company) in India embarked on a Six Sigma deployment journey with an ambitious charter to arrest these profit leakages due to operational inefficiencies as well as to achieve first time right quality performance. The deployment also aimed at creating a culture of continuous improvement across the organization.   Strategic and tactical interventions were not new at Pinnacle; they had successfully adopted the Malcolm Baldridge Business Excellence Framework, and had already embarked on various other tactical interventions such as Quality Circles, TPM, 5S, and Daily Work Management. It was felt that, though these interventions delivered islands of...

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