Excellence in Training

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Being in the training industry for around half a decade, marketing training programs and also attending quite a few trainings myself has given me the eligibility and the inspiration to write this blog on ‘Excellence in Training’.  Credit should be given to my profession that has put me in a position where I can better understand the customer’s expectations including myself (VOC) from a training program’ especially from the trainer and how the trainer fulfils their desire and hunger for knowledge. A trainer possesses the power to empower others; thereby making a difference to probably millions of lives. This blog is to point out what are those powers/unique qualities of an effective trainer that make him/her irresistibly charismatic and that compels people to follow the directions provided by the trainer and eventually reach their destination for success.   Unlike the relationship between  mentor – mentee or coach – coacher, the trainer and the trainee share a...

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Perspective about Life – Part 4

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Fear of Aging                           Everyone worries about aging. There is an internal fear about aging. A 30-year old envies 20 year old for what he or she is; 50-year old envies 30 year old for what he or she is and so on. This happens because we don’t live life to the fullest. At any given age, there is an incomplete feeling about the way we have lived our life so far and this is carried forward to the next stage. Thus, there is an unfinished agenda or unfulfilled dream at every stage of our life. Why is this so?   In fact, it is not all about aging but about the MIND. Age is just a projection of MIND. Body is, definitely, aging but not YOU.   It’s like this, a person who doesn’t have even motor cycle envies the person having one, person having a two-wheeler envies the person having a car and so on. The same way, we don’t accept the aging process fully.   Whenever I hear someone say, “I...

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A Lifetime of Learning

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A few days ago, a young man approached me and told me about the new idea he had for a business venture. He opened his laptop and showed me the details of the work he had done developing on the idea he had. He spoke about the hours of hard labour he had put in and how when he had tried to put his ideas to work he found the entire project flawed. He talked about the mistake he had made by concentrating on the details of execution to the total exclusion of an understanding of his customers requirement. His question was whether an MBA programme would help him avoid such mistakes that waste his time. What is it that an MBA programme will do for me that I cannot obtain by myself, he asked.   The young man got me thinking about what learning is all about, in a way I had never done before. I am not an MBA myself! But the years I have spent in the big bad world of business have taught me the tools of a manager’s trade. I have with me a library that is the envy of many and I have coached...

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Perspective about Life – Part 3 – Emotions

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It is said that it takes a long time to understand human emotions. May be that’s why this long gap after my previous blog. This episode is on one of the important aspects of life – “EMOTIONS”. The English word emotion is derived from the French word émouvoir. This is based on the Latin emovere, where e- (variant of ex-) means “out” and movere means “move.” So emotion is something that we express or bring out what you feel inside.                           Let’s continue with our Professor’s experiences. At this stage “Morrie couldn’t eat most of this food. It was too hard for him to swallow. He had to survive on soft things and liquids.”   Morrie’s health had deteriorated and small horrors of his illness were growing. He was coughing more than usual, a dry, dusty cough that shook his chest and made his head jerk forward. Morrie closed his eyes. “What I’m doing...

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Work Life Balance

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    Tip-1: Quality vs Quantity of time:   I remember long time back, when I was facilitating a Personal Growth lab for one of my clients, my daughter who was 14 years old then, accompanied me. While I was handling a session on work-life balance, one of the participants asked my daughter “Hi Sashi, your father being a busy consultant, he may be hardly spending time at home; how do you feel about it?” And my daughter spontaneously answered, “It is not the quantity of time that is important but the quality of time is more important –and he spends Quality time with us!” I was amazed by her answer; as a young girl, she had rightly acknowledged her father’s contribution to her life.   I agree, in modern life style we get little time with the family and often we wish to stare at the idiot box most of that time instead of indulging in a conversation with our spouse or the children. Many of us feel that we can’t really have long, meaningful conversations with...

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Perspective about Life – Part 2

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Family     One of the greatest things human beings are blessed with is a FAMILY. When we say family, it is all about relationship. Isn’t?   Let’s look at what our professor says.   “The fact is, there is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn’t the family. It’s become quite clear to me as I’ve been sick on some occasions. If you don’t have the support and love and care and concern that you get from a family, you don’t have much at all. Love is so supremely important. As our great poet Auden said, ‘Love each other or perish.”   Every word that Morrie has expressed is true. If it isn’t the family, we will be become void. I recently came across some research papers about the trend of youngsters preferring live-in relationships (not sure how many % of people really support this). It also said that they don’t want to make a commitment and do not believe in the institution called marriage for...

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