SSA packs a punch at Tata Communications with its Lean Six Sigma Training

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Tata Communications was keen in improving their operational excellence using Lean Six Sigma as a tool. And using this tool, they wanted to pursue strategic projects that would matter most to the company. With that aim in mind, they had a set target of training around 40 Blackbelts and 100 Greenbelts in a phased manner within a year’s time and making them competent enough to take charge of critical projects. They partnered with SSA Business Solutions to realize this goal.   In a recently concluded Blackbelt training at Tata Communications, 7 participants successfully completed ‘Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification’, after meeting all the qualifying criteria i.e., training participation, written exam scores and successful Black Belt project completion.   The team worked diligently and their submitted projects went through rigorous evaluation and careful scrutiny by SSA Business Solutions. Only on satisfactory fulfillment of all the black belt project criteria were...

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Booming in Tough Times

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  It is quite clear by now that the Indian economy is headed southward. My premonition of an imminent slowdown (See Trouble in Paradise: India Inc., 23rd March 2012) indeed came true. India registered a mere 5.3% GDP growth for the quarter ending March 2012, the slowest in 9 years. So what lies ahead for the economy? Is all love lost for domestic industries? What is going to help us get back on our feet and revert to high growth levels?   For too long now, our policy makers have found safety in denial and have been blaming everything from the Euro crisis to Oil prices for the slowdown, but it is undeniable that the government needs to wake up to some of its own wrongdoings that have led us to the situation we are finding ourselves in today. True, global consumption is wobbly; Europe, one of our biggest trade partners is in crisis with no clear visibility of a clear resolution. Investor sentiments are weighing heavily on global currency flow; investors have found safe...

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Dr. Ritu Bhattacharyya, Director – MGM Institute of Management talks about Lean Six Sigma

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                                    Dr. Ritu Bhattacharyya, Director – MGM Institute of Management talks about Lean Six Sigma training to management students   “We generally conduct 2-years MBA courses from Mumbai University. As we are aware, the main aim of the management course is to ensure that the students get placed. With 85000 students doing MBA in Maharashtra alone, it’s a little difficult for the industry to choose from among the lot. Therefore, it is very essential for the institutes to do something different.   At MGM, we have done a lot of innovative programs and one such venture has been tying up with SSA Business Solutions for Lean Six Sigma. Mr. Narayanan of SSA was very kind to come down to our institute and ensure that the teaching-learning pattern was changed from what it was in the industry, mainly to suit or students who had no exposure. For the last 2...

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Engaging Customers & Employees: The Lean Six Sigma Way

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SSA Business Solutions recently attended the 3rd annual Lean Six Sigma Summit in New Delhi. Mr. NC Narayanan, Founder and CMD, SSA Business Solutions, was one of the key members in the CEO Panel discussion on, “The road to Success: Lean-Six Sigma or Innovation?” The discussion was a very healthy one, with each of the panelists citing interesting examples and contributing unbiased opinions.   Here is a video clip of the discussion:                         Mr. Naveen Narayanan, JMD, SSA Business Solutions, was also one of the key note speakers and spoke about Engaging Customers & Employees: The Lean Six Sigma Way and adding the human touch.   Here is a video clip of Naveen’s presentation:                         Some of the very key people from across the industries were present there and it was a great platform for interacting, exchanging...

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Ashok Muthuswamy, ex-GM Tata Communications, talks about Lean Six Sigma

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                       Ashok Muthuswamy, ex-GM Tata Communications, talks about Lean Six Sigma Program by SSA. Here I would like to talk about our experience with SSA while I was working with Tata Communications. First let me explain little bit about Tata Communications. Tata Communications is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. It has more than million sq. feet of data centre and also its world’s largest submarine cable operator.   At Tata Communications, we were interested in improving the operational excellence using Lean six Sigma as a tool. And using the tool pursue strategic project that matter most to the company. With that in mind we set a target of training around 40 Blackbelts and 100 Greenbelts and putting them to pursue the projects in the year 2012.   Let me explain why we chose SSA.   I was aware about the founder of SSA, Mr. NC Narayanan. I was reading his blogs for quite...

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Change Management for a logistics giant – A global deployment

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Background Deutsche Post World Net – DPWN is a post and telegraph (P&T) company in Germany that went through the metamorphosis from being a P&T company to one of the World’s leading logistics service providers. This was accomplished within a decade of commencing in the year 1990; they had completed their acquisitions by 2001. From 1990 till 1997, it concentrated on consolidation of the parent company, before it commenced its acquisition in 1997 and completed them in 2001. Any ambitious and cash-rich company will choose inorganic growth by acquiring companies in the similar field and DPWN is no exception to this approach. In the process of acquisition, DPWN acquired one of the World’s largest logistic companies DHL and rebranded itself as DP DHL.   One of the major issues faced by many multi-nationals while growing inorganically through acquisition is the integration of diverse processes and culture across the various companies.  The complex multi-cultural and...

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