Paradigm shift in Pharma: Quality by Design (QbD)

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Introduction to Quality   Pharmaceutical industry is guided by very stringent norms and guidelines that are laid down by FDA and the regulatory bodies. It is very crucial for the pharma companies to adhere to these guidelines as the stakes are very high. Pharma companies have to follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures and guidelines laid down by the regulatory bodies to assure a good quality end product. The ultimate aim of these guidelines is to safeguard the health of the patients/ consumers by producing good quality medicines or pharmaceutical products. It is mandatory for the pharmaceuticals to comply with GMP and hence, all the pharma companies put a lot of emphasis on quality.   There are 3 approaches to quality: Quality Control Quality Assurance Quality Management.   Quality Control is an inspection based approach. QC is used to assure a certain level of quality in a product or service. Quality Control is a process by which the product quality is...

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Design For Manufacture & Assembly (DFMA) Video

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                           The technology advancement and improvement in our industry, improve the demand to the product. To fulfill this demand, the speed and capacity of production by a company must be enhanced.   An analysis of the world market has shown that the customer requirements regarding functions and quality of products are continuously increasing but the customers are not willing to pay more for better products, neither do they accept prolonged delivery terms. Customers are becoming more and more demanding and their requirements are changing all the time. “Customer is the king” is becoming the motto of today.   The implementation of DFA and DFM leads to enormous benefits including simplification of products, reduction of assembly and manufacturing cost, improvement of quality and reduction of time to market. Therefore, that is important to any company to improve productivity and their ability to...

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Design for Manufacture & Assembly

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About SSA Techknowlogies                 The future is here. Making “Made in India” as a depiction of Quality has taken a leap of faith among industrialists and consumers. This has been proven by multitudes of good quality products that are produced and manufactured in India. Mr. NC Narayanan, Founder & CMD of SSA Group of Companies, envisions the same and his dream is equally shared by all the “Alchemites” (the working group at SSA). Indian manufacturing industries are developing their potential of manufacturing products, coupled with the diverse exposure to technology and the hunger for knowledge.   SSA Techknowlogies Pvt. Ltd, sister concern of SSA Business Solutions, identified the needs of such industries and has initiated a comprehensive package of offerings in the field of Consulting & Training. The company’s name Techknowlogies reflects the twin competencies – TECHnology & KNOWledge, wherein a purposeful...

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