Change Management for a logistics giant – A global deployment

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Background Deutsche Post World Net – DPWN is a post and telegraph (P&T) company in Germany that went through the metamorphosis from being a P&T company to one of the World’s leading logistics service providers. This was accomplished within a decade of commencing in the year 1990; they had completed their acquisitions by 2001. From 1990 till 1997, it concentrated on consolidation of the parent company, before it commenced its acquisition in 1997 and completed them in 2001. Any ambitious and cash-rich company will choose inorganic growth by acquiring companies in the similar field and DPWN is no exception to this approach. In the process of acquisition, DPWN acquired one of the World’s largest logistic companies DHL and rebranded itself as DP DHL.   One of the major issues faced by many multi-nationals while growing inorganically through acquisition is the integration of diverse processes and culture across the various companies.  The complex multi-cultural and...

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Mr.Antony Bennon,VP – Lifescience & Health-care sector, DHL (Asia-Pacific) speaks about Lean Six Sigma in logistics

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                             Mr.Antony Bennon,VP – Lifescience & Health-care sector, DHL (Asia-Pacific) speaks about Lean Six Sigma in the logistics industry.   “In 2006, First Choice was globally rolled out. What is ‘First choice’ in the first place? First choice is how we want to understand what the customer needs are in the first place. Then comes the objective, how we align the organization, and how we engage the employees in ensuring that what we promised to the customer is really being delivered. Every time, all the time, first time.   DP DHL, during the period of this roll out, had a huge project plan rolled out and they engaged external partners. And one of our global external partners was Rath and Stong. Rath and Strong’s India partner is SSA; and that’s how the engagement with SSA came about. We had a fantastic journey in the period of time we rolled out First Choice in the...

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Demystifying Customer Expectations

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The journey of excellence of any organization starts from voice of customer. But how, when and from where shall one collect the voice of customer which will eventually be the real representation of requirements and concerns is one of the biggest dilemma. Following article might become helpful to clarify some of the doubts. Any firm wishing to collect the Voice of Customer (VOC) simply indicates one big thing and that is CUSTOMER ORIENTATION. Customers’ demands tend to be unpredictable. Responsiveness requires that organizations be willing to change quickly. There are any number of reasons why a firm may wish to communicate with its customers. A primary reason is the evaluation of the customer’s perception of the firm’s product and service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction. The purpose may be to get an idea of the general condition of quality and satisfaction, or a comparison of the current levels with the firm’s goals. A firm might wish to conduct employee...

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Quality in Daily life

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                      Mr.Rahul Sinha, Vice President- Reliance Industries Ltd., speaks about Quality in daily life; partnership of RIL with SSA and more.   Scope of the Program   RIL was keen to promote company wide customer concerned culture through training and inculcate continuous improvement culture through problem solving with the involvement of people at all levels. In order to initiate this approach, RIL wanted to introduce Quality Awareness through training which would align their people with their corporate objectives. They chose SSA Business Solutions as their partner on this journey.   Learning Outcomes   The following are the training outcomes achieved through this program:   1. Customer-centric work culture was brought about 2. Voluntary participation in process excellence through systematic problem solving. 3. Team work for improving work environment and processes. 4. Appreciation for tools...

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Organization wide Quality Awareness

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Today‘s market competition has made it mandatory that every organization must keep customer as a focal point while creating processes and systems around him so they don‘t lose sight of the customer’s wants and needs at any time. The only way an organization can thrive in a highly competitive environment is by being  customer centric. To build such customer centric processes and systems, it’s not only important to adopt methodologies like Lean and six sigma  to create defect free products, services and robust processes but it also calls for building a customer oriented culture within the organization. A combination of both will make sure that no matter what organizations do, they will not lose their focus on customers. Hence, it’s very important that any organization, irrespective of its turnover, size or industry, should have an organization wide quality awareness program, where  people from the top to the lowest rank come together as a team and understand the...

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10 Reasons Why ‘Silver Bullet’ Strategies Fail

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10 Reasons Why ‘Silver Bullet’ Strategies Fail    “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch   Fortune Magazine stated that “Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed”. If Fortune is correct, only one in ten companies that do an effective job of formulating strategy are doing equally effective jobs of implementing it. For the rest, presumably, the well-crafted strategy is lost in the press of day-to-day tactical concerns or is left to languish in a report on the CEO’s bookshelf. Modern day management is punctuated with tales of hunt for the elusive ‘Silver Bullet Strategy’ that promises to transform the business and rid it of all its ailments. Be it Six Sigma, Lean, TQM or BPR, time and again we have witnessed strategic initiatives that have promised to be the next big thing in transforming the business, but...

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