Value Creation

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Does your Business create Shareholder value? Generally, the largest and the most successful companies would seem to be ideally positioned to create value for their shareholders through growth and expansion of their business. In fact, in almost all such cases, they would command leading market and channel positions with diversified product portfolios, large customer base consisting of loyal customers and wide spread geographic presence. Internally, these businesses would be employing highly skilled and talented workforce, proven processes which are capable of delivering high quality service to their customers and of course more often than not a very healthy balance sheet to fund most of the projects through internal accruals.   In spite of impressive performance, consistently for years together which propelled them to the top of their markets, these companies eventually find themselves in a situation where sustaining the pace of growth gets increasingly difficult. In fact, in...

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Shrikant Sheth, VP-Operations, ACG Worldwide, Talks about Six Sigma in Pharmaceutical Industry

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                        Like any other Pharmaceutical company, ACG (Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd) operates around the most stringent quality standards right from demanding customers for high degree of compliance to good manufacturing practices. ACG is a world-class company and also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure. Although the process of capsule manufacturing is a fairly matured technology, ACG still wanted to achieve zero defects in all their supplies to demonstrate a world-class performance; since Quality is the primary driver in the industry.   Mr. Shrikant Sheth looks after 3 capsule manufacturing plants in India. In India and in 85 countries globally, ACG is the supplier of   Hard empty gelatin capsules Hard natural capsules   In order to serve their customers zero-defect products and in order to meet their changing requirements in terms of machine-ability, attribute and...

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Six Sigma in Fertilizer Industry

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XYZ FERTILIZERS, a Government of India undertaking, is responsible to the people of India and all its stakeholders. Since the past four and half decades, they are engaged in the production and marketing of various Nitrogenous, Phosphatic Fertilizers and various Industrial Chemicals in their plant at Mumbai. The company has been in the forefront of Green revolution and serving the farmers of the state and the country for last several decades. They were very keen on being on top of their performance and setting up a culture of continuous improvement across the company. XYZ Fertilizer’s topmost goal was to increase the national agricultural productivity by providing agricultural inputs and services; with least consumption and at least cost. They partnered with SSA Business Solutions in their journey towards excellence and for improving operational effectiveness and service level. Under the thorough guidance of SSA, they kick-started the company-wide Six Sigma initiative, involving 75...

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Design for Manufacture & Assembly

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About SSA Techknowlogies                 The future is here. Making “Made in India” as a depiction of Quality has taken a leap of faith among industrialists and consumers. This has been proven by multitudes of good quality products that are produced and manufactured in India. Mr. NC Narayanan, Founder & CMD of SSA Group of Companies, envisions the same and his dream is equally shared by all the “Alchemites” (the working group at SSA). Indian manufacturing industries are developing their potential of manufacturing products, coupled with the diverse exposure to technology and the hunger for knowledge.   SSA Techknowlogies Pvt. Ltd, sister concern of SSA Business Solutions, identified the needs of such industries and has initiated a comprehensive package of offerings in the field of Consulting & Training. The company’s name Techknowlogies reflects the twin competencies – TECHnology & KNOWledge, wherein a purposeful...

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Operational Excellence in Jewellery industry

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Indian Jewellery market   The gems and jewellery industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy. It is a leading foreign exchange earner, as well as one of the fastest growing industries in the country.   The two major segments of the sector in India are gold jewellery and diamonds. Gold jewellery forms around 80 per cent of the Indian jewellery market, with the balance comprising fabricated studded jewellery that includes diamond and gemstone studded jewellery. Besides, India is world’s largest cutting and polishing Industry for diamonds, well supported by government policies and the banking sector with around 50 banks providing nearly $3 billion of credit to the Indian diamond industry.   The company background    The Premium Jewellery presents an expansive manufacturing setup of over 150,000 sq. feet spread across 6 manufacturing facilities that are manned by 4500 plus skilled employees. This set-up allows a production of close to 2.5 million...

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Achieving excellence in process (Fertilizers)

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Background     The ABC (P) Ltd is in the business segments of Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrients, Crop Protection and Retail. It manufactures a wide range of fertilizers and markets around 2.9 million tons, making it a leader in its addressable markets and the second largest phosphatic fertilizer player in India. Organization follows Continuous improvement culture with best practices to follow. They have been implementing many TQM practices in the past with strategic focus on improving operational efficiencies. To enhance the people capability, to do the root cause analysis and to improve process performance on sustainable basis, they wished to deploy six sigma as a corporate intervention for the overall organizational development.   Business Case:     ABC (P) Ltd is leading manufacturer of phosphatic fertilizers. They had experienced that some of the key processes were having performance issues like excessive ammonia emission through stack, high water soluble...

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