4 Step Approach to Effective Process Management

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Waiter: “Sir there is an emergency. We have an enormous order of lasagne to be delivered to our regular customer. But the expert chef is not available. However the customer insists that he wants his regular order only.”   Manager: “But we can’t lose the order just because chef has not turned up. This way we will keep making losses by depending on him!”   Such scenarios are common in every line of business, wherein the results are subject to people executing the task. However, if there is a proper management of processes, such catastrophic situations can be easily avoided. Process management is having a standard way of performing the activities required for the organisation, to satisfy its customers and having a measurement system in place to monitor and control them. It enables the organisation to be process driven instead of man driven.   If the restaurant discussed above had a process driven approach for serving orders to their customers they would have not...

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What is Lean?

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                  Indian industries were contributing very insignificant value addition to worlds’ GDP during the early 90s (approx. 2%).  At present, India has come up to 9% which is at par with many developed countries. In spite of this growth, Indian manufacturing industries are not as efficient and profitable as the companies that adopted modern manufacturing systems. One of such concept which has made Japanese industries very successful is the “Lean” system,founded by Taiichi Ohno, who described Lean in a very succinct manner:                                                                                       “All we are doing is looking at the time line from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing time line by removing the non-value-added wastes.”   A...

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