2016- An Invigorating Dawn in the Indian Economy!

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No wonder, that the unsteady financial outlook of India has been a gospel truth in this 21st Century. In this writing piece, I am exploring the financial year- 2016 regarding the outcomes it is likely to bring for us.  We know that economic deterioration is not an everlasting thing but, the continuous series of critical financial downturns has indeed terrified us with longer and constant losses. A weird crisis is increasing at an enormous pace as global economies have complex interrelations. The hazard has become viral and thus affecting many countries around the globe. In this realm of chaos, India has surprisingly remained quite resilient. One aspect that may ease the tension is national consumption that alleviates the spoiling economy. Let me highlight few benchmarks achieved by Indian economy. In 2012, Indian GDP was at $4.825 billion which made our country the 3rd largest economy in the context of PPP (Confederation of Indian Industry). As witnessed in the last decade and a...

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Lean transformation at a leading manufacturing company in Middle East – A case study

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Preamble-  From its modest beginning in 1987, Genco Group has emerged as a shining example of Oman’s entrepreneurial spirit and manufacturing prowess by becoming the leading company in engineering design and manufacturing in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The multifaceted powerhouse has partnered with the best-in-class global leaders to offer a wide range of effective solutions to clients including ministries and government bodies, private sector giants and multinational companies across industries such as power & water (utility), oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, tourism, health, education, telecom, real estate, and retail, to name a few. Genco manufactures an extensive range of power and distribution transformers, low voltage switchgear and packaged sub-stations using state-of-the-art technology at its manufacturing facilities in Sohar and Rusayl. With a capacity of 10,000 MVA, Genco has one of the largest facilities in the MENA region. The...

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Change Management for a logistics giant – A global deployment

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Background Deutsche Post World Net – DPWN is a post and telegraph (P&T) company in Germany that went through the metamorphosis from being a P&T company to one of the World’s leading logistics service providers. This was accomplished within a decade of commencing in the year 1990; they had completed their acquisitions by 2001. From 1990 till 1997, it concentrated on consolidation of the parent company, before it commenced its acquisition in 1997 and completed them in 2001. Any ambitious and cash-rich company will choose inorganic growth by acquiring companies in the similar field and DPWN is no exception to this approach. In the process of acquisition, DPWN acquired one of the World’s largest logistic companies DHL and rebranded itself as DP DHL.   One of the major issues faced by many multi-nationals while growing inorganically through acquisition is the integration of diverse processes and culture across the various companies.  The complex multi-cultural and...

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What is Balanced Scorecard?

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 Introduction   Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or a Management Dashboard is a modern day MIS for managing any organization objectively. One of the panaceas for any organizational improvement intervention is measurement at different levels! The Balanced Scorecard or a Dashboard is the final output of the strategic interventions and it is a means to monitor, review and take action on different parameters organization focuses on.   What Is NOT BSC?   As with any initiative, there is a harder aspect of implementation and an easier aspect of the same. In the case of BSC, it is a management tool / methodology to indicate the performance of the organization, understand underlying reasons for performance and decide course of actions – this is the hard part. However, over time as the word and usability of BSC as increased, its usage has been commoditized to an HR solution for managing people appraisals. While the BSC extends excellently to present a robust and integrated HR solution...

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Process Improvements in the Telecom Industry

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Every where we go, we are inadvertently exposed to the advertisements and commercials of that newest mobile phone in the market, that newest mobile service, the newest widget or the newest application. In this age of fast communication, telecom industry is constantly evolving. Telecom service providers and handset makers are having a field day, with the demand for their products and services increasing by the day.   Let me present my views on the industry scenario:   Indian Telecom Industry in 2011   Over the last decade, the telecom industry has witnessed the following changes:   -Moving from the classes to masses: In the start of the decade, mobiles were afforded only by the professionals, while today it is a basic necessity and is soon to replace the home land line phone also. The current customer base of mobile subscribers is over 600 million!   -While the mobile penetration is continuously increasing, the rate of penetration is seeing a...

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