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Scoping & Gap Analysis

Scope Analysis, Gap Analysis, Statistical Analysis

SSA has developed a comprehensive model on Scoping and Gap Analysis to assess any organization and identify opportunities of cost reduction. This exercise

  • Helps in in-depth data mining and statistical analysis to estimate profit leakage points
  • Highlights potential improvement opportunities

Every organization has some kind of performance measurement and monitoring system through which regular updates on critical areas of business are presented to the top management in the form of Management Information System (MIS). But measurement and monitoring of some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are critical to the business may be missed out from the MIS. The Diagnostics Exercise of SSA throws light on these blind spots in the organization and on some of the KPIs that are critical to business as well as critical to customer.

SSA’s Diagnostic Survey is a total health-check of the organization carried out prior to suggesting a consultancy model and presenting a commercial proposal. It helps SSA to truly understand the customer’s concern areas and the expectations of the top management.

To assess overall performance of the organization, estimate cost of poor quality (COPQ), profits leakage points and identify potential improvement opportunities.

Target audience
Senior Management Team
Departmental Heads
Operations Team

Consulting Process

of the process
Data collection
& analysis
& Identification
of issues
to the


  • Diagnosis report
  • List of projects


  • ROI estimation for hiring a consultant
  • Enrolment of the senior management
  • Clarity in the projects identified


  • 15 days


  • Identification of financial benefits and Return on Investment (ROI).


  • Scoping
  • Gap Analysis
  • KPI
  • MIS
  • Diagnostic
  • Customer
  • Process
  • Identification
  • Organization Health-check

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