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Lean Manufacturing and Lean Management

Lean Management is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement, focusing the flow of the product from raw material to finished goods at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection. Implementing Lean in manufacturing has shown outstanding results in terms of:

  • Reduce Lead Time (Cycle Time) by 90%
  • Increase Productivity by 50%
  • Reduce Work-In-Process Inventory by 80%
  • Improve Quality by 80%
  • Reduce Space Utilization by 75%

Although several tools and techniques were available in Lean body of knowledge, there was no systematic methodology like how DMAIC is for the application of Six Sigma. To fill this gap, SSA has developed the RMAOR® methodology for Lean Consulting. Lean RMAOR® methodology (RMAOR® is the thought leadership of SSA Business Solutions) is similar to DMAIC and it aims to study the end-to-end business value chain to identify capacity imbalances and non-value added activities. It is a systematic lean design and implementation approach to achieve breakthrough results in optimization of resources through elimination of waste. This results in increasing throughput and reducing cost.

Each phase in RMAOR® lean methodology addresses the following questions:

Recognize: What are the business verticals/product lines we must apply lean systems?

Map & Measure: How good our current process in terms of waste and what are the optimization opportunities?

Analyze: How can we create a smooth flow in our value chain with minimum waste & work in process?

Optimize: How can we eliminate waste from our value chain and reduce cost?

Repeatability: How can we stick the lean system and institutionalize the practices?

To reduce cost by eliminating waste and optimizing flow across all value chain processes.

Target audience
Everyone in the organization

Consulting Process

Lean Champion
Lean Foundation
Project Implementation


  • Senior management enrolment & selection of projects
  • Developing a team of Lean designers
  • Design & implementation of Lean system
  • Demonstration of results in productivity & inventory


  • Cost reduction due to productivity improvement
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Reduced defects and rework/scrap


  • One year


  • Highly experienced consultants [Lean Masters]
  • Rich experience in manufacturing & service process design applying lean principles
  • Six sigma expertise to support Lean projects
Lean Manufacturing Brochure Brochure
Lean Manufacturing Whitepaper White Paper

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