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Business Process Management

Business Process Reengineering

BPMS is a pre-cursor to Six Sigma implementation where all business processes are studied for obvious gaps and are re-engineered. The following are the steps involved:

Change holds the key to innovation and therefore every organization needs to revamp their structure as per the altering demands in the market owing to shifting pattern in consumer behaviour, economic dynamics, technological advancement and switch in social and cultural perspectives. This phenomenon of massive overhauling of organizational work flowchart, processes and structures is known as business process re-engineering.

This redesigning begins from redefining the organizational mission and vision statement, work processes, decision making considerations and enforcement dynamics, communication and the system of information dissemination and application of the avant-garde technologies. This entire remodeling is enforced with the conviction of improving the operational standards of the organization for yielding more value, return and satisfaction by slashing unproductive expenditure, wasteful practices and unutilized resources.

  • Process Mapping to define the as-is processes
  • Identifying the gaps and on-value adding activities in the process
  • Re-engineering process with accountability
  • Introducing performance measures and monitoring systems
  • Implementing the new process

To reduce Wasteful activities.

Target audience
All functions

Consulting Process

BPMS Training Process Mapping Process


  • Process repository
  • Automation of documentation system – scope of SSA Techknowlogies


  • Process dependant organization
  • Cost reduction


  • Six months to One year


  • Experience in BPMS in all types of organization
  • Six sigma and Lean expertise
  • Alliance with iGrafx
Business Process Reengineering Whitepaper White Paper

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